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Thursday, October 11, 2012


No, I have not been bothered by trolls again but several of my friends in blogland have been. If you have been bothered by them, feel free to copy this picture and post it on your site. ;-)

Who are you!?


  1. OK sorry, but I think maybe there is a mistake in the picture? Is that the correct finger that should be pointing?

  2. Methinks the trolls doth protest too much..... :)

  3. I do not like trolls, no matter whether they are live, animated or made of stone.

    1. Never have understood the fascination with them sunnygirl. To me, they're just downright creepy.

  4. Oh, I love the troll toys - so ugly they're cute, kinda like bulldogs.

    Internet Trolls: Sad, pitiable persons with no lives of their own because they are lacking in character, grace, good judgement, moral compass, open minds, common sense and friends of their own; persons so lacking in direction they cannot find the high road; vicious, dirty little beings who delight in their attempts to drag humans into the muck of their gutters.

    I heard trolls have become such a nuisance that the powers-that-be have declared unlimited open season on driving them from cyber space. Report these banes on society, block them, ban them, fine their furry little minds! Lol!

    Okay, I'm having too much fun. Cat, thank you, again, for enlivening my day!


    1. Aaaaannnnddddd she's off and running! ;) Happy to have enlived your day Irishey.



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