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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Go Back to Grade School

I had a roommate in college, very smart, that was studying biology.

One day I was in the kitchen eating a handful of nuts.

She asked why and I said something like 'Well I was craving protein as a snack, but we didn't have any cheese.'

She gave me the strangest look and was like, 'No....protein is only in meat like chicken and beef. It's not in nuts, it's not in cheese. Cheese is dairy. Nuts are...well nuts.'

I tried to convince her, but she was adamant that protein was only animal meats.

This still confuses and bothers me to this day. How does she think vegans and vegetarians get protein?  (Source)

A guy found out there were sanitary waste bins in the women's bathrooms for disposing of tampons etc., and he said 'ewww, why can't you just do that at home?'

I had to explain that women can't switch menstruation on and off at will.

Also he is a medical student!   (Source)

I occasionally have to sit with a college science student the first day of lab and show them how to use a ruler.

Once had a student who was shocked to learn that 'The Sun is a star?!?!? Wait, does that mean there are other Suns somewhere?'

They also got a rather incredulous look on their face when I talked about the Moon revolving around the Earth, seasonality, etc.

They seemed to be operating on a pre-Copernican or folklore version of astronomy.   (Source)

My old college roommate woke up me up one morning to ask if you had to flip bacon.

I had to get out of bed to show him how.

No self-respecting southerner should ever have to ask how to make bacon!!!!!    (Source)


  1. Proof that there are people who have no common sense.

    1. Got that right, Sunny! :)

      Hugs and blessings...Cat

  2. The mind boggles lol,. Love these Cat, especially the science student one. Thank you for sharing, hope you have a great weekend :)


    1. I agree, Roz...totally boggles! ;)

      Hugs and blessings...Cat

  3. None of this shocks me because teachers are no longer allowed to teach - things. It it's not going to be on the EOG they simply can't 'waste' their time. My 6th graders come to me not knowing their continent, the name of their country or the county they live in. They don't know the Ocean that touches the eastern US. I'm appalled, yet I see all the testing that my daughter is required to do teaching the third grade and I see why they don't have time. Education has 'jumped the shark'.

    1. So sad isn't it, PK...this is one of several reasons my oldest son and DIL have decided to homeschool my grands.

      Hugs and blessings...Cat


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