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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Questions, Questions, Who has a Question

I'm sure you know by now that March is Q&A month in our little corner of blogland since I'm late to the party.  So you should know the rules…ask anything…no guarantee I will answer, but you are definitely free to ask. Winking smile


Just remember…
3 things tell the truth

Breast feeding causes public traffic jam…


So…What did you expect? Smile with tongue out

Life is short…smile! Open-mouthed smile


  1. I am thinking of a really good question to ask...............

  2. Cat,
    Tell one romantic story about Matthew and one story when you were in a heap of trouble. Not really a question, but good enough!

  3. Cat do you really get barn burners when in trouble? Why don't you ever seem to write about your spankings or have I just not noticed?
    Hugs Lindy

  4. Hi Cat, this made me smile today, I could do with it too.My questions are Have you ever visited England? Where is your favourite place to visit for a holiday?
    love Jan,xx

  5. Hey Cat, Loved the pictures. Have you ever been spanked in leggings? LOL No, seriously. When you do get spanked, what are you wearing? Amy

  6. Very cute post, Cat T! :) This made up for the last one that made me only say "geeeeeeeeez"! Now you have turned my morning stomach back around! LOL!


    !. You know that I am the BIGGEST fan of some of your great recipes. Baked Oatmeal comes to mind. I think that I am addicted to that one with blueberries and walnuts btw! What are your three absolutely favourite things to cook or bake? And why?

    2. If you could live anywhere else in the world, where would it be?

    Thanks so much, Cuz! Many hugs,

    <3 Katie

  7. A genie appears...and you get 3 wishes..BUT... one of them has to be for a friend, one for someone you have not seen in a while, and the last one for you....
    hugs abby

  8. Hey y'all...will put up an answer blog later in the week. Thanks for the questions and feel free to keep them coming. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  9. I'm circulating this one around because I love the answers:

    What would your superhero name be?
    (bonus: describe your outfit)

  10. Ooh, what fun! Okay, here's my question for you (it's really a three-part one):

    What are your favourite cookies that you like to eat? Do they different from the cookies that you enjoy baking? And, do you know Cookie Monster? ;)

  11. If YOU could spank one person.... Who would it be? No one famous!


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