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Monday, August 21, 2017

Petrol Pump Wisdom

Words of wisdom for one and all...

A Johannesburg, South Africa filling station has become quite a landmark in Gauteng with its daily #PetrolPumpWisdom – uplifting quotes written on a chalkboard.

Some motorists say they deliberately travel this route just to read the quote which brightens their day!!

Here's a selection:

Petrol Pump Wisdom p1
Petrol Pump Wisdom p2

Petrol Pump Wisdom p3
Petrol Pump Wisdom p4
Petrol Pump Wisdom p5

Petrol Pump Wisdom p6
Petrol Pump Wisdom p7

The lady behind this wonderful initiative at Hutton Hyde Park is Alison Billett.

She told SA People: "We inherited the board from the previous owner, Dick Hutton, when we bought the filling station from him almost 20 years ago."

"We continued the tradition and it has become a landmark – more so now that it's on social media!"

Petrol Pump Wisdom p8

"Not a day goes by when I don't get a call or a visit from someone to tell me how much they appreciate the message – it seems that every day there's something that just speaks to what is going on in someone's life and that inspires or motivates them."
Petrol Pump Wisdom p9

"Having people come and tell me their stories and how the quote helped them in some small way is what motivates me to keep writing!"

"We use a variety of quotations – some are topical, some are funny, some are inspirational,
some even reflect what is going on in my life that day!"

"Different things appeal to different people…"
Petrol Pump Wisdom p10
"The boards were spotted by a motivational speaker from the UK, Geoff Ramm, when he was driving by one day and he was so taken by them he included a piece about them in his book!"

Petrol Pump Wisdom p11
"The boards have appeared many times in newspapers and magazines and been spoken about on radio stations all over the world. 9GAG has re-tweeted them a few times too!"

Bob 95 FM in the USA recently posted Alison's "Rest in Peace" quote which has now been shared over a quarter of a million times around the world!"

Petrol Pump Wisdom p12


  1. Based on the week I'm having, I'm changing my name to Tequila.
    Tequila (aka, Amy)

  2. This is so awesome, the quotes are definitely good food for thought. Thank you for sharing Cat :)


  3. What a lovely way to inspire others and make them think! Thanks, Cat!

  4. How cool this is! Thanks for finding these, Cat. I never have time to just browse the internet, but you always bring us wisdom along with smiles.

    Hugs From Ella


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