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Friday, June 2, 2017

Their Obsession

A renowned psychologist was conducting a group therapy session with four young mothers and their little children.
After a few hours of talking and analyzing their words and behavior, he said: "I believe that you all suffer from some obsession." He remarked.

He turned to the first mother and said, "You obviously have an obsession with food. You've even named your daughter Candy." 
He turned to the second Mom. "Your obsession is money. And it manifests itself in your child's name, Penny," 
He turned to the third Mom. "Your obsession is alcohol. Again, it manifests itself in your child's name, Brandy." 
At this point, the fourth mother got up, took her little boy by the hand and whispered, "Come on, Dick, let's go".
Courtesy of BabaMail


  1. I had an idea where this was going....I just could not figure out how quickly enough....hugs abby

  2. LoL Cat, don't blame her for leaving lol


  3. This sounds like a Jack joke, surprised it isn't. lol

  4. Brought some giggles to my house, Cat. Sending some love and hugs to your house.



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