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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Thank You and Update

Hey y'all...left hand/arm are still not working super well so am still using talk to text on my phone which is challenging…this phone just does not seem to understand me too well.

Thank you for all the cards, messages, texts and emails.  I know I’m still behind in answering but I have answered some of you so please check your junk mail as gmail does love to consign me to the junk folder.

I am recovering but it’s sure slower than what I thought it would be.  Still going to therapy every blasted day.  The first week, my youngest daughter in love took me to all my appointments but she does have a lot of work to do so this past week I’ve been driving myself and will continue to do so.  Yes, it is painful and no, I can’t drive on pain pills but am making do.

Am going to get better…am getting tired of trying to eat with my right hand and most definitely am missing being able to paint.

I know all y’all probably have questions I haven’t answered, but I need to end this for now.  If I’ve chatted and shared information with you, you have my permission to share that information with the rest of our friends. If my ears start burning, I’ll know my friends are chatting about me. LOL

thank you for the sunshine


  1. Cat, you are amazingly strong and well loved. Hugs and prayers still coming your way!

  2. Cat,
    We need you and we need you well. Getting well takes time and energy. We are rooting for you.
    Jack and Meredith

  3. You ARE getting better! It will take time. However try and be patient, we want you to stay well!!

  4. It's great hearing from you, Cat! I hope that you continue getting better. It is a long process, but hang in there! I'm sending you good thoughts as you continue to recover.

  5. It's good to know you're getting better. Sending positive vibes to speed up your healing!

  6. Thank you for the update Cat, I have been thinking of you. So glad to hear you are improving. Sending positive thoughts that the rest of your recovery is swift. Take care and don't push yourself.


  7. Cat sending positive healing vibes your way and praying for a quick recovery. Thinking of you all the time. Wish I lived closer to help you in your time of need. Take care.
    Hugs Lindy xx

  8. Cat, it is so much harder to be good when you are recuperating than to get through the surgery. The last time I had to stay home to recuperate, I organized a whole life's worth of old photos. Then I tackled hundreds of scribbled and cut out little recipes into a neat little binder. Kept me from going crazy.

    We love you, Cat. Be a good girl.

  9. So glad to know that you are on the up and up, Cuz! :) You sure have been in my thoughts and prayers. It all sounds like it has been most unpleasant. I so feel for you. Try your best to think of the end result, and be a nice patient, Cuz t! You know... do what they tell you, etc. LOL!;) You have a whole lot of us cheering you on.

    Feel good! You will be back to painting in no time. Take good care of you! Love ya!

    <3 Katie t

  10. I had no idea you were out of commission. Sorry. My fault for dropping out of blog land for so long. Prayers for a fast recovery! Hugggsssss

  11. Hoping you get better real soon...đŸ’™

    peace and love


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